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Theatre Night

Due to the Fleur De Lys annual closure for their well earned holiday, the club’s first meeting was on Monday 26th January. However our social side had an excellent start when 13 Shaftesbury Rotarians and partners braved a bitterly cold evening to journey to Gillingham School’s superb little theatre, where we were entertained by the completely off-the-wall Ffitch Repertory Players who gave us their somewhat intoxicated version of “Dr. Livingstone I presume?” It was great fun with a touch of the old music hall tradition of a magnificent melange of musicality and melodrama.


Our thanks to Trish Lever for the organisation.


Other Activities


Phil Proctor was our speaker recalling his visit to Shaftesbury, Vermont USA. When Phil visited he took with him good will messages from the Mayor, Museum and other Shaftesbury organisations  and a personal letter from Lord Shaftesbury who the town was named after his ancestors.

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