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We had a good start to April as we received a lovely thank you from the New Zealand World Community Service. Following the cyclone in Vanuatu which left families homeless and terrified, our £300 contribution for the emergency response kits was very much appreciated. Well done to Peter for bringing this to our attention and Berenice for dealing with the communication and finances.



13th April

Our Rotarian Shaftesbury Town Mayor Win Harvey gave a very interesting talk about her career as a chartered accountant with her majesty forces. Her job involved preparing and monitoring budgets for very large sums of money and she dealt with the high ranking officers who were responsible for the delivery. This high pressured job had many benefits, one of which involved transportation across the UK via helicopter, a wonderful experience we imagine!

Business Meeting, 20th April

The main topic was the discussion and agreement to maximise our new website which will now convey Council, Committee and other minutes along with all financial accounts, Club Assembly programme and targets, group, district, RIBI and RI information where relevant and to also update information that is in the last printed Rotary Club Handbook.


The club agreed to sponsor “Kids Out” for Yewstock School to go to Longleat in partnership with Sturminster and Gillingham Rotary. We also discussed the “Young Chef” competition to which we hope Pork Farms and Stalbridge Linen (Two of our corporate partners) will take an active part.


The club authorised a £50 donation to Rita Howcroft who was swimming for St Mary’s School Shaftesbury, who is raising money for the Lubbasi Orphanage in Livingstone Zambia.


The club agreed to offer transport for the elderly of the town to the Shaftesbury arts centre. A full report was also given by William on this year’s Gold Hill Fair.


Note – Williams full report on community, vocation and gold hill fair will be recorded (when set up) on the member’s password page

Freemason Talk

It was a pleasure to welcome two freemasons to our club; Roger Booth who is well known to most of us as a Shastonian, and Nigel Leonard deputy provisional Grand Master for Dorset. They gave a fascinating talk about the 300 year history of masonry, Nigel spoke of the perception that masonry was a highly secretive society which he gave many examples of how this came about and what they are doing to counter this, he also spoke of the charitable work which attracts all levels of society.


You can visit their site here for more information.

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