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January 1st, 8th and 15th

No meetings as our hosts at the Fleur-de- Lys are taking their long awaited and well deserved annual holiday.





January 11th

Please CLICK HERE to see the report from Liz Gray who gave us a presentation on the 30th October

 2017 about a team visit to Dungri village in India to help build a community training centre which we helped with financially.




January 22nd

We met for the first time after the Christmas break for a meal at the Fleur. We had some business to do regarding our Community work, and especially our Cycle Speedway project, which has received a promise of lottery funding, and is due for consideration by the Town Council next week.

January 24th

A Rotary party of 39 members and friends met at the Kings Arms East Stour Common for a Burns Night. As last year there was haggis and other good food in plenty, courtesy of Ross our host, together with of course the usual rituals with the pipes, played by Jimmy Reynolds. There was entertainment jokes and good humour all-round.

January 29th

We met with partners to enjoy a meal together at the Fleur and to listen to an interesting and informative talk – the first of a potential series of three. The subject was William Beckford (Senior), former MP of Shaftesbury and twice Lord Mayor of London. He bought Fonthill Abbey, and when it was largely destroyed by fire in 1755, observed “I have an odd fifty thousand pounds in a drawer: I will build it up again,” He rebuilt it as FONTHILL SPLENDENS but the story of what happened to that belongs to another talk in our series. Our speaker was Sir John Stuttard, one of our Associate Members and himself a former Lord Mayor of London.

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