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1st – Miracle Theatre at Stourhead

On a perfect summer’s evening at Springhead House the Club enjoyed another hilarious performance by The Miracle Theatre. This was the second year in a row that members were treated to an entertaining evening of comedy performed by the Cornish Theatre Company The Miracle Theatre.
This year’s play ‘A Perfect World’ is a ‘Boys Own’ adventure of discovery, when a Utopian World is discovered and everything is not all that it is made out to be! A rollicking evening of fun is had by all, but is there a deeper meaning to the play?
The annual outing to Springhead is now becoming a regular feature in Shaftesbury Rotary’s calendar. The evening starts off with members sitting around in a circle enjoying picnics and wine in the beautiful surroundings of the house and gardens. The performance follows at 7pm and everything is wrapped by 9:30pm. We look forward to The Miracle Theatre returning next year.

Rotarians enjoying the Springhead grounds

5th – No meeting

12th – Cape to Cape Talk

After generous donations to Rotarian Tim Cook’s sponsored Classic Car Tour, which was in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, it was decided to give members a talk on the event and it’s history. The Tour named Cape to Cape, is now a bi-annual event, but originally annual, supporting Macmillan. It started in 2004 and has raised over £900,000 for the charity. The idea of having a Classic Car Tour between Cape Cornwall to Cape Wrath materialized after a well known Rally Navigator Dennis Greenslade’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. As the years progressed the tours became harder, with longer daily mileages over the narrowest of roads and stunning scenery. This year’s Cape to Cape took place from Cap Trafalgar right down near Cadiz, Spain, finishing in Cape Cornwall. Although 44 cars started, 5 cars broke down and had to be repatriated to England! The next and final Cape to Cape will be in 2021, Cape Cornwall to Cape Wrath to Cape Clear in Ireland to Cape Cornwall!

19th – Business meeting

A busy evening covering many different issues.
Two Rotarians brought greetings from Kensington and Sherborne Castle Rotary clubs. A request from an associate member to view and comment on the Town plan. Information on a Group 1 meeting. Arrangements in place for the Dutch twinning visit.
Community and Vocational report.
The Chair visited the Dementia care club at Trinity centre to observe their activities following our grant.
Further discussion on the car link service
Appeal from Shaftesbury school for support for a local family. Agreed to organise and finance a day out for local seniors. Invitation to the local Lions charity charter night.
No International and Foundation report due to absence by Chair. Nothing to report on Finance or Secretary. Full report can be found on the members page.

26th – Bank holiday. No meeting.

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