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6th & 13th – No meeting


Casino Night – The Sepsis Trust


Shaftesbury Rotary broke out the Black Tie and Ball Gowns for the annual fundraising on behalf of the Sepsis Trust. It has become a tradition to get together for a Casino Evening in the depths of Winter to add a bit of sparkle to our lives. 15 couples attended the evening and pitted their wits against the dealers on Poker, Blackjack and Roulette. Gambling was strictly prohibited, participants were playing with a fixed quality of chips with the aim to have some fun and win one of the 3 magnificent prizes that had been donated.
David, Rob and Emma volunteered to be the dealers and kept the evening moving with some exciting games.
As everyone had generously contributed towards the food and drink it was difficult to get the second session going after the meal, but once started it was almost impossible to stop. In fact, the Poker table started for a 3rd session after the prize giving.
The magnum of Champagne was won by Judith on a single chip on the roulette table which broke the bank – and she said she’d never played the game before!
The second price went to Steve who had been down to his last chip before his luck turned and ended with a credible 2nd place.
It a cliché to say that fun was had by all, but the biggest winner of the night was the Sepsis trust as we raised £350 in donations.
Many thanks to the participants, the cooks who provided such fantastic food and Sadie and Martin who hosted the event.

20th – Business Meeting


We met back again at the Fleur for the first time after our Christmas break. This was a business meeting and we learnt that our annual cycle event in May, was doing well in social media, gaining a good number of early bookings.
We will be buying a new defibrillator to replace the old device by Shaftesbury Town Hall.
Our Casino evening had raised £350 for our Sepsis charity – Thanks to Martin and Sadie for their hard work and hospitality.
We are looking forward to a Tapas evening at King Alfred’s Kitchen.

27th – Speaker meeting Fleur – Martin Sayers


At our meeting on Monday 27th January Rtn Martin Sayers invited, as his speaker, fellow Shaftesbury Rtn Paul Slimm. Paul’s subject to speak about was his upcoming trip to sail around the UK with some friends. The humorous talk that followed was in the form of an interview with Martin (a fellow “yachty”) asking a series of questions.

Pictured: Martin, President Win and Paul
Firstly, what was the trip all about.
Paul described how himself and a couple of friends had spoken about the trip whenever they met up for a sailing jolly for a number of years. On last summers cruise it suddenly dawned on the group that time was marching on, and it was decided to commit to doing the trip in 2020 !
Next Martin asked about the boat. The boat, called Blue Moon, is a Bavaria 33 Cruiser which is a traditional layout sloop. She is a good sailing boat and very comfortable. By this time the members were very interested and many questions followed from the floor.
On the subject of the boat Paul was asked about the sleeping arrangements and who had the best berth !? Paul explained the layout of the boat, and that the owner skipper had the best bunk in the stern cabin – and how he was happy to have the next best bunk in the Vee berth at the front of the boat.
Martin then moved onto the route being taken and when it was starting. The trip was to start in early May and would take three to four months sailing in the order of 2500 miles at approximately 6 knots. Martin commented that this was like walking around the perimeter of the UK !!! They would head off in an anti – clockwise direction.
So far the route is planned in some detail up the east coast and through the Caledonian canal. Daily passages would be between 40 and 50 nautical miles taking 8 – 10 hours. After pottering around the Western Isles they will head for Northern Ireland and then to Wales. After sailing down the Welsh coast they will cross back across the Irish Sea to cruise along the south coast of Ireland.
A long sail across to visit the Scilly Isles after heading home along the South coast.
The talk was interspersed with some detail of modern navigation and safety at sea, including up to date clothing.
Paul will be glad to talk again on his return at the end of the summer.

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