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1st – Zoom Meeting

We met for a Business Meeting by Zoom.
We are now making firm plans for Gold Hill. Instead of the usual Fair on Park Walk we are planning a Gold Hill Festival at Barton Hill on Sunday July 4th. The change of venue is because we have to plan for Covid compatibility, but we are hopeful that if all goes to plan, social distancing will be ended. We will run a family orientated fun festival with music, entertainment, stalls and food. We want it to be a celebration of a return to normal life.
We also discussed our North Dorset Cycle Ride which we hope will still be on course for taking place on May 16th, but of course we are very much dependent on the situation with regard to Covid.


15th – Zoom Meeting

We met again by Zoom and continued the process of looking afresh at how we operate, so as to ensure we keep ourselves up to date and attractive to potential new members.
We have begun to make plans to once more be able to meet face to face when social distancing ends. We will meet for a meal and either business or a speaker on two Mondays a month. We then plan to have a monthly social or fun activity meeting. We look forward to announcing our plans when they are ready!


29th – Zoom Meeting

We met again by Zoom for a business meeting. The main item was a presentation by Peter Sale on Rotary and Youth. Rotary offers a lot to children and young people. Rotakids involves children at primary school in community projects, Interact is for children of secondary school age and Rotaract is Rotary for young adults. There are also a wide range of competitions for young persons. We focussed on Young Chef (which we have run before) and Young Photographer, Young Writer and Youth Speaks, which Peter is familiar with, but which are new to us. We hope to take this forward with Shaftesbury School.



14th March 2017- Evening at the dogs!

A party of us enjoyed an evening at the Poole Dog Races. We travelled down by coach to be more sociable, although one of our party nearly ended up with a different group. Their vehicle was making the same journey at the same time as ours. All was well in the end and we enjoyed a good fun evening with food, watching the races from the restaurant and bar area. None of us knew anything about dog racing and so we experimented with various betting systems, such as favourite colour or lane number. Betting on the longest odds in the hope of a big pay-off, seemed the least successful – but it might have been different….. In the end Richard Shean’s secret system seemed to be the most successful, winning time after time.



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